… in the world, every woman is a treasure…

    … as a real and unrepeatable flower, the essence of which is quite simple – to LOVE !!!

           The creator of the ALEXANDER PAVLOV brand is talented, experienced clothing designer, stylist and fashion expert Alexander Pavlov.

Alexander is the man who loves his work from heart and receives most of the happiness from women’s smiles and moments when they look at themselves in the mirror in ALEXANDER PAVLOV‘s costumes.

ALEXANDER PAVLOV‘s brand outfits are a man’s world vision of a woman who has no competitors and who has the opportunity to be in her own skin – true to her family, the first lady in her country.

ALEXANDER PAVLOV trademark, founded in 1996, offers a number of prêt-à-porter collections for a modern woman each year, as well as seasonal must-have men’s and women’s down coat lines that have already won the hearts of many customers. All outfits are made from specially selected, standing out with carefully crafted details and sewing quality, which is why they are always consistently appreciated all over the world.

The result of many years of experience is the variety of clothing patterns and finely crafted shades, suitable for all types of bodies, to reveal the beauty of a woman, taking into account the specifics of such different and unique female figures. Alexander, with geometrical accuracy, develops every piece of the outfit that appears in brilliant cuts.

Products with stripes have become ALEXANDER PAVLOV brand style and handwriting.

    ALEXANDER PAVLOV brand offers:

  • a wide ready-made women’s clothing
  • as well as individual costumes
  • image and style consulting
  • public master classes
  • lectures
  • seminars