… in the world, every woman is a treasure…


The creator of the ALEXANDER PAVLOV brand is experienced clothing designer, TV shows host, personal stylist and fashion expert Alexander Pavlov, who leads his brand with heart.

Alexander Pavlov was aware of his talent already in his childhood and despite various situations of life. He had always been steadily walking his way in the fashion industry.

As a child at age five, he made his first fashion show. Under the big parents bed was lots of space for the long stage, dreams and imaginations. Sister’s dolls were dressed-up with his first self-made garments. The stage was decorated with flowers and shiny papers. There was a special atmosphere with mommy’s perfume and Fashion show music played by his favourite singer Alla Pugachova…

Alexander is very focused on all the projects he engages, starting from his first fashion show. During the years of study when Alexander demonstrated 20 costumes, although only one graduation outfit had to be represented.

Learning is still his passion, just like a desire to explore life. He has learned his knowledge in several international universities – Lester University’s Contour Fashion de Montfort and the New York fashion designer school.

Alexander is a long-standing Europe TV shows host for such projects as “Ready for Transformations”. He has gained the sympathies of the audience not only as a professional style expert and fashion consultant, but also as a charismatic and humorous man.

ALEXANDER PAVLOV trademark, founded in 1996, as a man’s world vision of a woman who has no competitors and who has the opportunity to be in her own skin – true to her family, the first lady in her country.

ALEXANDER PAVLOV brand offers:

  • a wide ready-made women’s clothing
  • as well as individual costumes for special day
  • image and style consulting
  • public master classes
  • lectures
  • seminars