Alexander Pavlov


   Do you know that you are really beautiful?
   … that you are unique?
   … that I’m making beautiful clothes for you?

   We’ve actually created a whole brand for You!
   I invite you to enjoy every moment in the ALEXANDER  PAVLOV costume …
   My team is working diligently on each costume, thinking about    you, your feminine forms, how you move gracefully and look elegantly. It is very important for me! We’ve been looking for solutions in textures and colors to make you feel classy and feminine, and make your heart joyful!
We are welcoming you! 

/Alexander Pavlov/   

she is a Woman

who knows her value and uses all the opportunities offered to her. An excellent outfit is the way of her expression. It reflects her attitude towards herself and the world around her.

she is Unique

and real It is always pleasant and interesting to be around her. She is a charming and mysterious being who does not reveal her age.

it is YOU!

You open the door, everybody looks at you…

You enter the room, everybody freezes…

You haven’t said a word, but everybody recognizes You…

…expression without words…