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the SECOND chance …
to leave FIRST expression!

    Do you want to learn:
  • how to change your life by changing your wardrobe?
  • how to highlight your beauty?
  • how to look expensively dressed  in terms of your budget
  • how easy it is to combine clothes without spending much time on it?

Alexander Pavlov is one of the best known fashion designers, experts and personal stylists in Latvia.
He leads the brand ALEXANDER PAVLOV with all his heart since 1996 and does not stops at the achievements and believes that his teamwork is to discover the true beauty of women’s potential.
Thanks to Alexander’s rich experience, knowledge and participation in inspirational projects, special MASTER CLASES have been created for women who want a change in their lives.

” There are no ugly bodies but the wrong choice of  clothing” –  /Alexander Pavlov/

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